Studio Lábus

assistant professor

In our studio, we emphasize is teaching the comprehensiveness of the approach – from finding a concept to its formation and overall design to presentation. From the urban planning level through the formation of volumetric, spatial, operational, constructional and material design of the building to its details.

Developing and applying a holistic approach to architectural and urban design is learned by observing a wide range of factors. Not only the aesthetic, technical or environmental parameters, but also social, psychological and ethical criteria.

  • Luis I. Kahn: “There is an order. Designing is formation within an order. Form arises from the system of construction. Construction is growth. There is creative power in order… Design is not creating beauty. Beauty stems from choice, affinity, wholeness, love.
  • Pablo Picasso: “Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon... I begin with some idea and then it turns into something else.

By introducing two contradictory quotations it is possible to express the ambiguity and richness of the sources of creative work, for which there is no simple, common and always applicable recipe. It is necessary to learn to find sources around oneself and to evaluate and reform these in your mind, through openness and impartiality, and ability.

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