Petr Vorlík's team published a book on architecture of the 1980s

The architecture of the 1980s stood out for a long time beyond the interest of both the professional and general public, yet it is incredibly rich, layered, and its "otherness" will not catch up with the "second reading". The publication by Petr Vorlík (ed.) and his colleagues describes selected phenomena that eloquently characterize the dual face of that time.

Recent findings reveal a diverse range of activities, attitudes and ideas behind the fog of normalization social resignation, even though they were often unrealized and distorted by routine construction practices. What was the 1980s in terms of architecture? At the official level, it boasts of prefabricated housing estates and basic amenities or spectacular representative buildings, hotels, administrative and cultural buildings. Interesting new ideas, landscape management and cultural heritage or surprisingly creative, small tasks often carried out by the emerging young generation of creators developed somewhat of interest in the 1980s.

The book depicts the architectural continuation of the 1960s achievements, the import of foreign examples, the growing evidence of the context of the place, the ecology, the humanization of industrial construction, and above all the creators' desire for distinctive author architecture.

In five thematic sections (identity, outbreaks, care, leisure and landscape) it analyzes, for example, new urban and landscape phenomena and presents concrete projects and constructions, such as playgrounds, standardized elements of urban parterre, spa landscape objects, parking, metro, housing estates, leisure, buildings for mass recreation in mountain landscapes, monuments or land reclamation destroyed by mining, and many more.

The book presents the first comprehensive output of a series of upcoming books of the Architecture in the 1980s in the Czech Republic in the NAKI II program of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Authors: Petr Vorlík (ed.), Lukáš Beran, Nikolay Brankov, Klára Brůhová, Jana Bukačová, Hubert Guzik, Milena Hauserová, Alexandra Hoffmannová, Ondřej Hojda, Matyáš Kracík, Michal Kurz, Lenka Kužvartová, Lucia Mlynčeková, Eva Novotná, Kateřina Novosádová, Vladimíra Paterová, Miroslav Pavel, Tereza Poláčková, Lenka Popelová, Pavel Směták, Veronika Vicherková, Jaroslav Zeman, Lubomír Zeman, Jan Zikmund
Graphics: Jan Forejt
Published by FA CTU in Prague in 2019
ISBN: 978-80-01-06631-6


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