Department of Design presents new Design Experiences lecture series

The Design Experiences lecture series aims to convey experiences from the interdisciplinary areas of design theory as well as practice. The aim of the lectures of important Czech and foreign experts is not only to spread awareness of current design topics, but also to create a wider network of students, researchers and experts and to build space for possible cooperation.

The topic of the lecture series is User Experience and User Research. The three speakers will give audiences an insight into the issues and make clear how important it is for quality design to understand users' behaviour, needs and motivations.

  • 3. 5. 2021 starting at 17.00  Dominika Potužáková: The secret of user's feelings. 
  • Michaela Stetiarová: How to design products and services that bring real value - the date will be specified
  • Petr Kosnar: UX design practically: from mobile apps to cars - termín bude upřesněn

The lectures will take place online on MS Teams. They will be freely accessible, but prior registration on each is a condition.

For more information, visit the lecture cycle website.

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