Equal opportunities and diversity

The topic of equality and equal opportunities is current and important for FA CTU. The faculty strives to identify and remove barriers that may be contained in set systems and seemingly neutral measures.

In addition to the mapping of the situation at the faculty carried out by the ombudswoman, the equal opportunities audit being prepared at the FA CTU should contribute to this. Based on the outputs of the audit, specific proposals for systemic changes and measures will be formulated. These should contribute to the inclusion of marginalised groups, but also, for example, to the creation of tools for reconciling private and study or working life.

If you would like a helping hand from FA CTU on the issue of equal opportunities, you can contact the FA CTU ombudswoman or the FA CTU Equal Opportunities Committee.

At the university level, a Gender Audit was conducted in 2022 and a Gender Equality Plan is in place for 2021–2024. The topic of equal opportunities and HR strategy is addressed by the HR Award team at CTU.

If you are interested in the topic of inclusive communication, you can watch a recording of the webinar on gender-sensitive communication, organized by the Rectorate of CTU (available after logging in).

Information about the building of FA CTU in terms of access and movement of persons with reduced mobility and orientation is also available. On the same website you can also find information regarding the buildings of other faculties and units of CTU.

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