University life is rich and fulfilling, but it can also be very challenging at many points.

If you need advice or help, you can visit CIPS (Centre for Information and Counselling Services of CTU), which offers psychological, academic, socio-legal or spiritual counselling, coaching and seminars on various topics in the field of mental health, study skills, interpersonal relationships, as well as financial literacy and first aid. For students with specific needs, ELSA (Centre for Support of Students with Specific Needs of CTU) also offers advice to teachers on ways to modify teaching for students with specific needs.

The faculty of architecture reflects the issues related to the organization of the study and its reasonable demands and is open to dialogue in this respect. These are topics that are being addressed by the ombudswoman together with the management and will be continuously mapped and evaluated. The faculty of architecture also encourages students to ensure that they get sufficient sleep and relaxation even during the hectic submission periods. The teachers should also motivate the students to do so.

For example, the "FA nonstop" event allows you to work on the school premises at any time of the day or night during the studio week. However, participation in "FA nonstop" is only an open option and is neither an obligation nor a necessity. In case you decide to participate in the "FA nonstop", please take care of sleep and rest and do not hesitate to take advantage of the accompanying sports and relaxation activities offered by the Architecture Students' Association. The event should be for mutual support and cooperation, not to pressure the physical and mental limits of individuals. In this regard, we can also refer to the ten points for the studio week from the students of the FA BUT in Brno.

On the topic of taking care of mental and physical well-being, we recommend the Mental Health Handbook for University Students or the materials of the Don't Let Go of the Soul platform.

In 2022, CTU (FEL, CIPS, ELSA) organized a seminar for teachers on the topic of mental health support for students. The recording can be viewed here: A look into the depths of the student's soul and how not to drown in them together.

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