Final projects


Hadžić Medina

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The site of the former power plant is located in the very centre of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The site has been in ruins for 30 years, since the occupation of Sarajevo on 2 May 1992. The site has been classified as a national monument since 2015 and has been on the list of "National Monuments of Importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina" since 2 July 2020. The main task of the master thesis was to propose the conversion and adaptation of the heavily devastated former power plant site for a new dignified functional use, based on research and potential assessment. Attention was primarily paid to the preservation of the torso of the perimeter walls, which will function as a facade envelope, and the design of a new operational solution. The site of the former power station was assessed in terms of its monumental and urban values and on this basis a new use for the technical museum was chosen. This work also addressed the relationship of the site to the contemporary context of downtown Sarajevo.

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