Final projects

Metropolitan living in Prague

Bc. Vojtěch Miler

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of this thesis is the proposal of a new typology of residential building forms for the specific site and its possible application to another two similar locations of the inner city of Prague. The work should be based on a research analysis of regulations, process conditions, and specific examples of foreign housing complexes in Europe (see diploma seminar). The proposal should reflect changes and new tendencies in society, economy and city planning in the early 21st century. Part of this work is the proposal of a city block or the block consisting of selected typological forms of dwelling. In this case, we talk about proposal of townhouses, whose construction is in Prague limited by legislative obstacles. Townhouse is typicaly urban form of the house, combining individual living standards, but creating urban environment with high densities. This building form is able to withstand suburbanisation trends and preserves compact city urbanism. The thesis also includes urban design solutions of selected sites Žižkova (main location), Holešovice and Nusle where is the use of the proposed housing types examined.

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