Final projects

New chance for a fort and farmyard Velké Horky of Strenice

Bc. Alena Rákosníková

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The aim of the diploma project is to find a new use of farmyard and fort in Mladoboleslavsko region. Concept consists of creation of new patterns in the countryside and of a re-colonization of a partially abandoned place. The functional content is corresponding with this premise. The farmyard is going to serve as a modern grange. One part of the grounds will be used as an enviromentally friendly farm, also with stock-raising and horse-breeding. Second part of the intention, a boarding house for active seniors, benefits from first section. The residents can participate in the running of the farm or practise other activities, which were agreed in the community. They can pursue also their hobbies. These articles help to create a diverse society, which actively shapes own enviroment and succesfully cooperates with their neighbours.

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