Theory of Architecture and Esthetics

The aim of the course is to introduce to the theory of architecture. The key concepts of 20th century and contemporary architecture and their interpretation are emphasized in a wider cultural context. The relationship between architectural discourse and architectural creation is taken into account. The starting point is the theory of modernity, but the course is focused on the theory of architecture of the second half of the 20th century which has been influenced by structuralism, semiotics, phenomenology and poststructuralism. Also the contemporary approaches, reflecting the shift in new technological possibilities in architecture and society, are included. In connection with the architectural themes, the students are also acquainted with the key concepts of aesthetics, which are relevant to the architectural discourse.

The minimum number of students to open the course is 5. EXCEPTION for self-paying students: if there are less than 5 students, the course will be taught in consultations.

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