Planning II - Spatial and Strategic Planning


The course teaches students basic skills of urban planner by exploring various sites in the Prague durign six field topical trips: housing estates, office centers, urban transportation, urban regeneration, urban green infrastructure and suburbanization. Students have a chance to analyze and discuss the history and general context of the urban development of visited sites. To activate students during the field trips they are individually completing the questionnaire and at the end of the trip they are discussing the answers with teachers and other  colleagues.  
The students are choosing one of the visited sites and elaborate the SWOT analysis, Map of Constraints and Potentials, identify the main problems of the site and to propose the concepts of possible solutions. 

Condition for completing the studio project:

  • Active participation on the field trips
  • Delivering the questionnaire after each excursion
  • At least one consultation of the assignment with one of teachers in two weeks following the visit of the selected site
  • Delivery and presentation of the assignment in the final meeting of the course


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