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Hypothesis–Utopia: Prague as the Capital of the European Union? – VISION AND SCENARIO‘S

SS 2024

Let's imagine that the European Union will be seeking a new location for its main institutions. Whether through the expansion of the European Union towards the east – Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and the rest of the Balkan countries – or through political development and ambition. In that case, it would not be illogical for Prague to become this new seat, instead of Brussels.

In what way would it be possible to integrate European institutions and other infrastructure into the specific context of our capital city?

Can we come up with principles and strategies for the urban development of the city?
The key is for the new situation to be enriching for both parties, meaning that the existing city and the new interventions should be mutually complementary and supplementary.

We will seek answers to questions such as:

  • How to leverage today's opportunities in Prague?
  • Connect potential interventions to transportation hubs like train stations?
  • Stick to situating new functions around the highway ring around Prague?
  • Partially leave Prague and consider a network of facilities in the Central Bohemian Region?

In our studio, we will focus on the development of various scenarios, functional and spatial, to address this hypothetical challenge. Of course, with respect to the current values of Prague and its surroundings.

I am convinced that one of the tasks of urban planning is to develop visionary ideas for the more distant future, often seemingly utopian at first glance, where only time will tell if they will be accepted. The result of the workshop project will be a series of proposals – concepts for the organization of space in Prague and its surroundings within the given assignment.

Project types: ATU, ATVZ, ATSS, ATRN, DP

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