We are looking for the form of the Dean's Award trophy. It will be designed by our students

The Dean of the FA has announced a competition for the design of a sculptural work – a 3D object for the winner of the Dean's Award competition. The competition is open to current students and graduates of all levels of study and all study programmes of the FA, both individuals and teams. The deadline for entries is September 9 at 12 noon.

Competition conditions


Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague


Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU in Prague

Competition secretary

Andrea Vondráková,


Students and graduates of the FA CTU (bachelor, master and doctoral studies of all programmes at the FA) – individuals or team, graduates within 3 years after graduation.

Aim of the competition

The aim of the competition is the design of a sculptural work – a 3D object, which will be presented at the annual ceremony to the winners of the announced categories according to the Statute of the Dean's Award. The design of the sculptural work may or may not be based on the graphic identity of the competition. The production cost of the winning sculpture should not exceed CZK 5000 per piece.


The winner of the competition is decided by an expert jury consisting of representatives of the FA CTU and external experts appointed by the Dean.

Course of the competition

The competition is announced as a two-round competition.

  • in the first round, the jury will select the three best proposals to proceed to the second round
  • in the second round, the jury assesses the progressing designs (including 3D prototypes, production drawings, budget and feasibility)

The jury can decide on the awards in the first round.


  • August 1, 2022 – announcement of the competition
  • September 9 2022, 12:00 noon – deadline for submission of Round 1 proposals
  • until September 19, 2022 – announcement of proposals advancing to Round 2
  • September 30, 12:00 noon – deadline for submission of Round 2 proposals
  • October – implementation of the winning design
  • November 2022 – presentation of the sculpture to the winners of the Dean's Award 2022


  • the first prize is set at CZK 30,000
  • the second prize is set at CZK 20,000
  • the third prize is set at CZK 10,000

In exceptional cases, the jury may decide to reallocate or not to award some of the prizes.

Information on submissions

Requirements for submission of proposals for Round 1

  • Submit electronically a PDF presentation (maximum 5 A3 pages, maximum file size 300 MB) containing visualization, drawing documentation, description of material, technology, author's name, study program, year of study to this link.

Requirements for submission of proposals for Round 2

  • physically hand over the 3D prototype
  • electronically submit production drawing, budget including description of implementation.

Physical proposals for Round 2 are submitted to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Architecture, CTU, Thákurova 9, Prague 6, 2nd floor, to the hands of the competition secretary.

Publication of competition proposals

  • on the website of the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in Prague (section COMPETITIONS)
  • in the electronic proceedings of the Dean's Award 2022
  • as part of the Dean's Award 2022 exhibition


By submitting the competition proposals, the participants agree to the free reproduction and display of their competition proposals in order to promote the competition and its results.

By submitting competition proposals, participants grant the commissioning body free of charge permission to use their works of authorship for the purposes of the annual Dean's Award.

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