In models and pictures. The exhibition at the FA will present the work of Le Corbusier

A unique collection of more than 150 models of buildings by the legendary architect Le Corbusier will be presented at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU. They will be accompanied by a photography exhibition, guided tours and two lecture evenings. The opening will take place on Tuesday 18 April at 18:00.

The travelling exhibition includes completed and uncompleted projects whose models were created at RT+Q Architects, by interns before they joined the studio. The exhibition will be complemented by a series of photographs by Petr Vorlík, Petr Šmídek, Tomáš Klanc, Nina Bartošová and Martin Hora from their private trips to Le Corbusier's buildings. There will also be drawings by students who regularly take part in workshops at the Dominican monastery of La Tourette in France as part of the ZAN Brožová, Hůrka, Šrámek studio course.

As part of the accompanying programme, visitors can look forward to a guided tour of the exhibition with the architectural historian Rostislav Švácha and two lecture evenings that will highlight the international environment of the architect's Paris studio, the legacy of his work in Slovak and Czech architecture, and the role of women and especially Jane Drew in the vicinity of Le Corbusier. The FA library will feature an extensive collection of publications from the faculty collections and the NTK Le Corbusier – Plans and ARTSTOR digital archive with over 38,000 items of notes, sketches, drawings and photographs.

The opening will take place on 18 April 2023 at 18:00 in the atrium of the FA CTU in the presence of representatives of the RT+Q Architects studio and Czech curators Petr Vorlík, Michaela Brožová, Lucie Mlynčeková, Gabriela Nováková and Miroslav Pavel. The exhibition will run until 28 April 2023. The event is organised by the Department of Theory and History of Architecture in cooperation with the Department of Architectural Design III and the Department of Fine Arts.


18. 4. 18.00 opening of the exhibition, lecture by Rene Tan

19. 4. 17.00 guided tour with Rostislav Švácha

20. 4. 18.00 lecture evening

                    Martina Hrabová, Jana Tichá, Klára Brůhová, Irena Žantovská Murray

                    Gočár lecture hall

25. 4. 17.00 lecture evening as part of the Monuments 2023 series

                    Matúš Dulla, Miroslav Pavel, Petr Vorlík, Hubert Guzik

                    Krejcar lecture hall

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