Final projects


Chitovová Michaela

Architecture and Urbanism, MA diploma project


The diploma thesis deals with the design of a rehabilitation center in Prague - Hostivař. The construction site is near the Skalka housing area, the Záběhlice housing area and the Hostivař industrial area. The character of the place is a natural green area surrounded by one railway and one road. In the following years, the construction of 1,000 apartments in the nearby area is planned. In the same way, the gradual transformation of the industrial area into a residential area is expected, which will further expand the newly emerging residential area. The rehabilitation center, and possibly other hospital buildings that will be built in the future, will complement the services for the newly emerging residential area. The place is suitable for a rehabilitation complex, as it is surrounded by greenery, where both patients and people from the housing development in the vicinity can go for walks. Thanks to this, the creation of an artificial border will be prevented, but on the contrary, the functions of the environment will intermingle and complement each other. The services of the rehabilitation center count on two groups of patients: firstly, patients after operations, secondly, patients who visit the day clinic on the recommendation of a doctor.

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