Final projects

Keplerova Elementary School

Bukačová Anna

Architecture and Urbanism, Bachelor Project


The building consists of three main parts: the school itself, a „municipal house“ and a courtyard. At its heart lies a big staircase that connects the school with the municipal part together, where a big auditorium, a dining hall and a gymnasium all lie. The lungs of the building is the inner courtyard, where not only kids can play during their breaks, but it also serves as a great way to get fresh air into the building. The courtyard is lined with spacious corridors where the kids can also spend their free time (or even learn). The building closes off the Pohořelec Square, which has been bleeding into the adjacent streets for a long time, and creates a joint road for cars and trams, giving more space back to the pedestrians. The building faces differently into each of the streets as to complement its surroundings suitably, timelessly and in simbiose with the historic structures around it.

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