Design Process Methodology

The course offers theoretical and practical insight into the design process methodology. Students will be acquainted with five basic stages of the design process and its methods and tools that are used in each phase. Special emphasis will be placed on methods of defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. In the practical part, students will be encouraged to use some of these methods themselves while working on a studio assignment or any other project of their choice. The skills acquired in the course can be used especially in further work in studios and professional practice.

Conditions for successful completion: at least 80% attendance at lectures, at least 60% success in  the exam, submission of at least five assignments out of six Assessment: 10% participation, 30% exam, 60% submission.

The minimum number of students to open the course is 5. EXCEPTION for self-paying students: if there are less than 5 students, the course will be taught in consultations.

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