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Dean's Award FA CTU for the best student projects

Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of CTU Dalibor Hlaváček announces the 2nd annual competition for the Dean's Award for the academic year 2021/22. The prize now also includes projects by first-year students or theoretical term projects. Nearly two hundred thousand crowns will be distributed among the winners and prizewinners.

The purpose of the Dean's Award is to recognize outstanding student work and achievements, to select and archive them for the purpose of documenting and presenting the results and development of the faculty, to motivate students and to increase the quality of student work.

"I am glad that we can build on the first year of the competition, which was founded last year by the Dean Emeritus, Professor Ladislav Labus. Every semester, our faculty produces approximately a thousand studio projects and countless theoretical works. The Dean's Award wants to highlight the best ones. In the previous year, these were the projects of the Czech House in Taiwan, Bubeneč Bank or Building Robotic Systems. This year, we have expanded the number of categories to include first-year and theoretical term works, and we have separated the Urbanism and Landscape Architecture categories. The composition of the jury is also new, which is only external for the studio projects, while for the theoretical projects the externalists predominate. The Dean's Award of the FA CTU is not intended to compete with the awards that already exist at the faculty, such as the Druhá kůže, which awards projects of residential buildings, or the student award Olověný Dušan. It is an institutional award that should cover the widest possible range of student work produced at the school," says Dalibor Hlaváček, the dean of the faculty.

Jury for evaluation of studio and diploma projects


Dalibor Hlaváček


Jiří Opočenský

Jan Němeček

Tomáš Novotný

Michaela Tomišková

Lucie Vogelová

Markéta Zdebská


Jury for evaluation of theoretical semester and scientific research works


Dalibor Hlaváček

Martin Pospíšil

Petr Vorlík


Josef Chybík

Petr Kratochvíl

Henrieta Moravčíková

Mária Topoľčanská

The Dean's Award will be awarded in the following competition categories – for a first-year studio project, for a studio project in the categories of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture, Design, for a diploma project, for a theoretical term work, for science and research. Nominations must be submitted via the web form by 30 June 2022.

In the category of the Dean's Award for a first-year studio project, first-year students' studio projects from the second semester (Fundamentals of Architectural Design II, Fundamentals of Landscape Design II, Fundamentals of Design II) for a given academic year may be nominated. Each first year studio leader may nominate 1 project for a given academic year.

Each studio head can nominate two projects for the Dean's Award for a studio project for a given academic year, divided into four main categories Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape Architecture and Design. In addition to these prizes, a studio project may be awarded the Dean's Award for Outstanding Achievement in the categories of Development, Experimental Project, Preservation, Sustainability, and other categories as determined by the jury.

In the thesis category, each studio head or members of the diploma defence committee may nominate no more than one diploma project for a given academic year.

In the category of the Dean's Award for theoretical semester work, theoretical semester work or a diploma seminar may be nominated. Nominations may be made by the heads of semester projects through the head of the department.

The Dean's Award for science and research includes dissertations, scientific research papers, professional publications or professional articles published in an impacted or peer-reviewed periodical. Nominations for this category may be made by members of the dissertation defense committee, supervisors, or heads of departments involved in doctoral degree programs.

The award ceremony will take place at the Faculty of Architecture of the CTU in October this year.

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