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We want to inspire courage, joy and not to lose our modesty! And all of this knowing that even a master carpenter sometimes makes mistakes.

Our goal is to develop your critical thinking skills. To examine the meaningfulness of the assignment and the relationships of the site. To find a potential or problem that you will highlight or respond to in an essay and then in the proposal itself. During the semester we will collaborate with philosophers and theorists from the Department of Theory and History of Architecture.  We will invite guests from various professions to give partial presentations. Architecture is an interdisciplinary field!

For each assignment we are looking for an architect who has the building(s) of the given typology in their portfolio. As a "guest of the studio", he/she guides us on a tour of the project and is the main critic during the presentations.

In the Winter Semester 23/24 it will be Josef Pleskot

SS23 Radek Šíma (Atelier 6)

WS 22/23 Peter Lacko (AL.T.) 

In order to save the energy that critical thinking sucks out of us, we will work with MOLAB teachers to get you to work with BIM tools ARCHICAD and REVIT so that you do not have to think while drawing :-) We have here one of the best experts and users of the software ARCHICAD, the great architect Martin Rosa. Well prepared final papers (BP/DP) will get a BIM certificate.

1 MO 25.9.2023 introduction general instructions / task and plot details sources datas studing
THU 28.9.2023 FREE    
2 MO 2.10.2023 consultation urbanism connestions / plot regulation PLOT VISIT
THU 5.10.2023 philosophy  / consultation typology / urbanism PRESENTATION REFERENCES
3 MO 9.10.2023 consultation typology / urbanism / volume  
THU 12.10.2023 philosophy  / consultation typology / urbanism / volume  
4 MO 16.10.2023 consultation typology / urbanism / volume  
THU 19.10.2023 philosophy  / consultation typology / urbanism / volume  
5 MO 23.10.2023 consultation typology / urbanism / volume PRESENTATION CONCEPT
THU 26.10.2023 BIM / consultation layouts  
6 MO 30.10.2023 consultation layouts  
THU 2.11.2023 BIM / consultation  
7 MO 6.11.2023 consultation layouts ESSAY DEADLINE
THU 9.11.2023 BIM / consultation  
8 MO 13.11.2023 consultation layouts / facades  
THU 16.11.2023 BIM / consultation  
9 MO 20.11.2023 presentation layouts / facades  
THU 23.11.2023 BIM / consultation  
FR 24.11.2023 Litomyšl
WORKSHOP + excursion
layouts / facades / material and construction details  
SU 26.11.2023  
10 MO 27.11.2023 consultation layouts / facades / material and construction details  
THU 30.11.2023 BIM / consultation  
11 MO 4.12.2023 consultation layouts / facades / material and construction details DESIGN PRESENTATION
THU 7.12.2023 BIM / consultation  
12 MO 11.12.2023 consultation final design / renders  
13 MO 18.12.2023 consultation  final proposal layouts  
THU 21.12.2023 BIM / consultation  
14 MO 8.1.2024 FA 24/7    
SU 11.1.2024 FA 24/7  
  MO 15.1.2024   12 AM
final presentation / portfolio / renders / model

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