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The new FIT CTU building

SS 2024


The coexistence of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Information Technology in one building will not last forever. CTU plans to build its own FIT building on a vacant plot next to the Technical Canteen. It will thus enable colleagues to start a new and fully independent stage in their short existence. The plot on the corner of Velflíková and Jugoslávských partyzánů streets is relatively small, but with a clever layout of functions, perhaps large enough to accommodate a new faculty. In addition, it also offers a potential extension further to Velflíkova street.

FIT mainly offers the study of digital technologies, FA has a completely different program. Should the object typology be similar or significantly different?

The task for this semester is to design a new FIT CTU faculty on a site that has the potential to increase the urban value of the intersection of Velflíková and Jugoslávských partyzánů. At the same time, you have to cleverly put together the program so that the school is generous enough and come up with a compelling story for the building and the land.


Serpentine Pavilion

SS 2024


Every year since 2000, the Serpentine has commissioned a leading architect to design a temporary summer pavilion. The design series represents the work of international architects who had not completed construction in England at the time of the gallery's invitation. Each pavilion is completed within six months and is placed on the Serpentine South lawn for three months for the public to explore.

The common denominator of all pavilions is a pure architectural experiment (on all conceivable levels – concept, material, use, etc.).

Students who choose this assignment will be given the same task as these leading architects - to design the Serpentine Pavilion.

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