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City above rail lines

ZS 2020

The population of large city, including Prague, is increasing, while there is also a shortage of housing. To accommodate this, the city either has to expand, or to densify internally. Expansion requires new infrastructure, takes up green land, and increases traffic. It is generally agreed, that internal densification is a more sustainable and effective option.

The question is, how to achieve this.

Highrises are one option, that are not very popular in Prague because of the historic city and skyline. Therefore it is necessary to come up with more creative solutions. The 'air space' above rail tracks offers potentially large areas in prominent locations in the city. New technological solutions make it possible to occupy this space and increase the capacity of the city, however, while respecting and increasing sustainability.

The task in the design studio therefore is to design buildings above the existing rail lines.

Main location: Prague Main Station.

Course of the semester:

(1) Area and function analysis of the areas under consideration.

(2) Analysis of new technologies that can be used.

(3) Subdividing possible sites among the students in the studio.

(4) Design of individual buildings.

We stimulate students to use advanced design techniques (parametric modelling, rapid prototyping, virtual reality, etc.)


Externí konzultace:

Elmar Hess – statik (ex-senior inženýr v BuroHappold)

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