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Tábor - Large scale assignments

SS 2024



General topic that includes work on different systems and layers of the city. It is possible to work in groups or alone, specific topic and task can be quite individual, based on personal preferences.



The green system of the city of Tábor

  • The system of greenery and public spaces in the city with regard to the different character of the development and different needs and aspects
  • The potential of the suburban landscape and its connection to the blue-green infrastructure system


Tábor on the water – Tábor by the water

Overall concept (it is also possible to work in a group) - banks of Lužnice, Jordan embankment, forgotten cascade of Owl pond, streams and their valleys... There are only a few places where the city has direct contact with water: the Jordan embankment, the footpath along Lužnice. How to use the potential in areas where it has not yet been used? E.g.:

  • access to water at Sídliště nad Lužnicí
  • Lužnická Street as a city promenade (after the traffic calms down after the construction of the Tesco-Slapy bypass)
  • Tismenické valley (currently being implemented a project from the participatory budget: Closer to the stream)
  • Forecourt of the Křižík power plant (now a study by OK plan)
  • Revitalization of the Jordan Embankment
  • Slopes above the Lužnice river - a system of surviving retaining walls on a steep slope between the old town and Lužnicí - how to conceive it as an unconventional public space?


Concept of development of children's playgrounds and recreation zones

  • Introduction of a system and hierarchy of places for inner-city recreation - every smallest neighborhood would like a generous children's playground, a place for barbecues, etc., but resources are limited - how to even think about the expansion of recreation zones?
  • Jordan Embankment recreation zone
  • recreation zone Čekanice – existing proposal of a generously conceived recreation zone in the hinterland of the suburban area, consisting mainly of family houses


The shape of the village squares of the suburban parts in the 21st century

  • specific tasks for public spaces: these are not small villages, but original rural communities, annexed to Tábor and "urbanized"
  • e.g. the square of Měšice – the area between Jednota and the castle, traffic calming would open up a number of possibilities for future use; however, the place for community meetings is in front of the town hall/playground.
  • e.g. center of St. Anna – part of Měšice, a post-revolutionary satellite, for which the territorial study proposes a local center in a strange position; What is the function and meaning of a community center of this type?


themed maps - city of Tábor

Study of public spaces



Tábor - Park of Jan Hus

SS 2024


A complex assignment including the forecourts of the Tábor train and bus stations and the adjoining park-like area with the character of "Bahnhofstrasse" in combination with a park, which was not historically established as a park. The task must be solved not only from the point of view of vegetation - it is necessary to optimize operational links, including solving the traffic situation, and last but not least, it is also necessary to take into account the social dimension of the intervention, for example with regard to the problematic situation with children's gangs. In the vicinity of Husův Park, there is a focal point of civic amenities of city-wide significance. It is connected to the historic center of the city by the 9. Května shopping street.


Location -



Tábor - center of the Pražské housing estate

SS 2024


The assignment is focused on the public space near the Crystal department store and the intersection of the streets Cpt. Jaroše, Cpt. Nálepky, Václava Soumara and Partyzánská. Around a busy traffic hub with a roundabout, there is a large part of the civic amenities of the district, some of them of city-wide significance (especially the hospital). The current modernist and later buildings stand as solitary objects in space, and the leftover public areas do not have a defined character. At the same time, a completely new residential district of Dvorce is being planned nearby, making the place a potential future center for a much wider area.


Location -

Study of Dvorce district



Tábor - Re-revitalisation of the T. G. Masaryk´s square

SS 2024


Masaryk Square is located in the heart of the New Town - it is adjacent to the 9. Května shopping street and forms the parterre of the secondary agricultural school. The current shape of the square is the result of an architectural competition from 2012. However, residents did not get along with this shape and it is a constant target of criticism. In addition to the high level of maintenance, the conflict of uses is also problematic - the area is popular with young people, and at the same time it is a universal place for organizing various events, while the older generation, who were used to more vegetation, completely condemned it. In the meantime, there have been attempts to make the large free area somehow special, from concrete flowerpots to ephemeral gardens, but it is clear that the whole concept needs to be modified.


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