1st year (awarded retrospectively for AY 20/21)

In the competition for the Dean's Award of the FA CTU, the committee awarded first place in the semester project category - Architecture, first place in the diploma project category and first place in the science and research category. In the latter category, it also awarded one special prize. The award of the academic community of the FA CTU for extraordinary achievement was not awarded this year. In accordance with the statute of the Dean's Award, the nomination was postponed to next year, as only one submission qualified for the public vote.

Dean's Award for Semester Project

Category Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

The committee did not select a winner in the Urban Desing and Landscape Architecture category.

  • David Knížek with his semester project Pankrác Odyssey developed under the guidance of Jan Sedlák.
  • Dominik Rejthar with his semester project New Těšnov and Florenc developed under the guidance of Ivan Plicka.
  • Soňa Stromšíková with her semester project The New Center of Most developed under the guidance of Ján Stempel and Jan Jakub Tesař.

Category Architecture

  • Filip Bernard with his project Czech House in Taiwan, which he developed in the studio of Ondřej Císler and Lenka Milerová

In the justification of the nomination by the head of the studio, Ondřej Císler, it was stated that Filip Bernard has demonstrated a phenomenal performance in designing a representative architecture for Taipei, Taiwan. He created a number of interesting options and refined the selected one to the last detail. He brought a clean solution, an architecture that fits the purpose of the institution and allows the Czech Republic representation to function flawlessly in a foreign environment.

  • Jan Procházka with his semester project Community Centre Břevnov developed under the guidance of Irena Šestáková
  • team of authors: Michaela Chmielová, Tomáš Kodet, Tomáš Vojtíšek, Anna Zíková, Alena Linková, Mikuláš Valdman a Jan Šefl with their project 3 High Seats developed under the guidance of Dalibor Hlaváček and Martin Čeněk
  • David Budil with his semester project Ďáblice Workshops developed under the guidance of Michal Kuzemenský

Dean's Award for Diploma Project

  • Jan Pernekr with his project Bubeneč Shore, which he developed under the guidance of Boris Redčenkov, from whom, in addition to the nomination, he also received praise for the extraordinary amount of quality work done.

Dean's Award for Science and Reseachr


In the justification for the nomination of this dissertation, it was stated that it is an exceptional work in our local scientific research and building-architectural space. The author's enthusiasm for current issues in applied computational design and mechanical robotics is also finding application in a top international academic environment. In his work, Petrš discusses reconfigurable and automated architecture in an informed and comprehensive manner, confronting and comparing it with various architectural manifestos and contemporary design approaches.

  • Markéta Vavrušková: Teaching Structures to Architects developed under the guidance of Martin Pospíšil
  • Veronika Kastlová: Public Space Scene. Relationship between Architecture and Theater under the guidance of Vladimír Soukenka
  • Milan Pitlach: O. M. Ungers - Kritická Studie under the guidance of Benjamin Fragner (the award was awarded in memoriam)

Academic Community Award for Outstanding Achievement

The Academic Community Award for Outstanding Achievement was not awarded this year as only one candidate made it to the shortlist.

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