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01 Revitalization of the Brandejs farm and surroundings in Prague 6 - Suchdol

SS 2024


Prague Suchdol
A strange (if you want weird) place, although in a slightly different sense than how we have defined such places in our previous assignments.
Still, it is a place that is symptomatic of its problems.
It is in a prestigious district of Prague. And yet there are sites here that are on the verge of oblivion.
There's a major university here. And yet there is no high school.
A place that has no naturally functioning centre. And yet it actually has four centers.
It's close to the countryside. At the same time, there is a major environmental problem with the airport and the future route of the Prague ring road.
A big world with international implications. At the same time, the very definition of a housing slurry, including backyard chickens.
The change of manner in this country has given rise to a whole host of problems.
Symbol of which is the former Brandejs farm. A micro brownfield par excellence. Once a stately home, now a ruin in search of function. On the outskirts and yet the only set in the original village that has any value.
Let's find ways together to bring life back to the whole village.
A Gymnasium or Art School | Recreational Sports and Leisure Centre | Clubhouses and craft workshops for children and adults | Municipal flats and Senior Housing | Social services of various types | Community Centre and Neighbourhood Meeting Places | Outing Restaurant and Dance Hall | Municipal Police Base with horse stabling | Coworking spaces | Exhibition Gallery or Museum | Asylum and stage for art of all kinds...
Suchdol's problems may be the beginning of a remedy.


02 Design-build project: chill-out zones in Opava

SS 2024


You are invited to actively participate with us in the celebration of 800 years since the foundation of the city of Opava. For the next edition of the project DESIGN AND BUILD, we have selected two public spaces that are closely adjacent to important city buildings of the Silesian University. It is Bezruč Square, a beautiful clearly defined urban space, currently without the spark of an offer to stop, sit down to rest or have fun. The second space is the park near the synagogue, which is long gone. Come fill this empty space with life, overlooking the architectural gem of the Breda department store. Through our interventions we would like to offer students and residents of the city places to meet, relax and share the use of public spaces. The project also offers a brief for landscape architects, whom we are happy to welcome in our teams, and we promise mutual enrichment from the collaboration.

We are announcing the assignment for master students together with Seho and Mádr studios.

Steps along the way:
getting to know the place - own sketches, analysis of broader relations, creation of own three variants of intervention in public space
common model of the public space - 1:200
o design of the material concept - relation to other proposals of colleagues,
o working models 1:20 or 1:10
o selection of the design to be implemented in a joint presentation with the investor
o division of roles in the team for project work and preparation for implementation, including budget
o preparation for implementation
o implementation workshop in Opava - June 2024 or September 2024 
o PR, preparation of publication

Method of work:
teamwork is stimulated (site selection, model preparation), continuous presentations (in words) and images), physical models at all stages, large-scale sketching, spatial sketches, joint and individual consultations

Final evaluation:
To take place after the work is completed - in any case by the start of the winter term 24/25


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