Measuring the Response of Patients with Type I Diabetes to Stress Burden

Mgr. Tomáš Vácha

The article presents measurement methodology and systems for measuring and evaluating the response of patients suffering from type I diabetes to stress burden. The proposed methodology and systems have been developed to recognize the effects of strain on patients' reaction time and their work performance. Stress burden was measured by a multi-sensory monitoring system designed for this purpose. The methods used were based on monitoring physiological stress symptoms by measuring pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature, galvanic skin resistance, and electrical activity of muscles. It was suggested to monitor the measured parameters in waveform, from initiation of stress stimuli, throughout the period of growth, and up to the point of decline. The research was conducted under the supervision of psychologists, and the proposed methodology for measuring stress burden and its impact on physiological functions of type I diabetics involved a group of patients and a control group of healthy subjects. The proposed measurement methodology would be beneficial not only in the design of systems for detecting mental stress, but also in the treatment of patients suffering from diabetes and the assessment of their physical/mental state while performing demanding work tasks.

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