Coronavirus: information for partner universities

Classes and all non-essential activities at CTU in Prague have been closed down until the end of next week (March 22nd 2020), with the possibility of an extension according to the development of the whole situation.

This measure has been taken as a precaution. There have not until now been any cases of coronavirus COVID - 19 among the staff or students of CTU in Prague. However, the Prague 6 city district, where the main campus of the university is located, has already registered a case. The university is doing its best to protect students and staff, and in particular to avoid COVID -19 entering our student dormitories.

CTU intends to complete the summer semester without any delay.

We advise our partners that their Erasmus and Exchange students are safe, and will be well cared for in the event that they fall ill. Students and others already in Prague are advised to remain here and to complete their spring 2020 semester.

“It is necessary to realize that the infectious growth curve has universal behavior, where after a controlled slow growth there is a very sharp uncontrollable growth. There is no need to panic, but there is a need to reduce the risk of transmission, and therefore, after careful consideration with the management of CTU, I issued an instruction to put into operation other protective measures, ” said CTU Rector Vojtěch Petráček.

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