Výstava ateliérových prací


Elsa Hinojal Fernández


The proposal is an approach to the Vinorsky Park through a nature interpretation center in the heart of Vinor. For the access to the center several paths are defined, connected with the children’s play área, near the center, but also near the natural area. The location for this center has a total connection with the pond, thus defining a contour of the building that follows the shape of the lake. Originating organic forms and creating a new atmosphere without boundaries. The center is planned in two levels, the upper level being located in a cantilevered position in the closest part of the lake, with a total vision of the lake. The selected exterior enclosure, allows a total integration with nature, not only in the shared vertical spaces but in the whole perimeter of the building.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: Ing. Vladimír Sitta