S ohledem na aktuální nařízení vlády v nouzovém stavu je veškerá KONTAKTNÍ výuka na FA ČVUT přerušena až do 1. 11. 2020.


PET bottle structures development in collaborative design studio

Ing. arch. Kateřina Nováková, Ph.D.

In the experimental design studio we lead students to accept the problem of sustainability in architecture through awareness of garbage problem of the world also caused by the building industry. In particular, we focus on perceiving garbage as a resource. Through analyses of the garbage topic, discussions, designing and manufacturing prototypes we are trying to broaden students' knowledge of this problem. [1] Furthermore, we believe the physical contact with unusual building material is essential as well as visualization methods used in modeling architecture from garbage. The building potential of waste is large and we are trying to make students develop innovative strategies in the domain of architecture. As a case study we will present results of a collaborative studio partly held in cooperation with ETH Zurich. The task was to visualize daily consumption of PET bottles of the city of Zurich in an architectural way. Two groups of students in Prague and Zurich were experimenting with material as well as computer modeling to deliver a solution in the form of a PET bottle tower. We will describe problems of using PET material as a building material as well as results of this still on-going project.

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