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Analysis of Selected Deterioration Factors and its Effect on Physiomechanical Properties of Building Materials

Ing. Stanislava Neubergová, Ph.D.

Following the experimental and laboratory research on reliability, durability and residual properties of historical brick structures conducted within the research project MSM 6840770001 [1] and grant GACR 103/06/1801 [2], the internal grant is focused on experimental and theoretical research of physical and mechanical changes of building stone properties (sandstone) and binders properties (lime, lime-cement mortar) in historical buildings. The basis and starting point for this research project are the partial results that have been published in the research project [1] and the grant [2]. From both theoretical and experimental findings published in the research project [1] and grant [2] it can be said that reliability and durability of building structures and hence of whole buildings is a question of a time-dependent behavior of materials. The main focus of this grant is to verify the durability of chosen materials exposed to degradation processes, properties of which affect transport p

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