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solid wooden panel construction systems (clt) - application for multistorey buildings

Ing. arch. Marek Pavlas, Ph.D.

Cross-laminated timber is an innovative technology of wood product developed in Austria. CLT resulted in mid 1990s as a cooperated industry-academia research. For several years, the progress was slow, but in the early 2000s a significant increase of use of cross laminated timber technology was remarked. During last ten years it has gained popularity all over the Europe and it starts to explore to North America. CLT panels consist of several layers of boards stacked crosswise and glued together. Number of layers usually varies from three to seven. In some cases can be used even more layers. Common thickness of panel ranges from 60mm to 240mm. Dimensions of elements are limited mainly by transport facilities. Most of the manufacturers produce panels up to 3m x 16m. CLT technology presents a modern solid wooden construction providing high spatial stiffness, high resistance form fire and interesting acoustic properties. These qualities enable an effective use for mid-rise and high-rise buildings. Sustainable development is also an important point of CLT technology. Use of wood ensures low impact to the nature and low carbon footprint of buildings.

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