Application of BIM in contemporary wooden architecture

Ing. arch. Marek Pavlas, Ph.D.

Contemporary wooden architecture comprises various ways of using of timber. Wooden structure is always an assembly of various types of elements – beams, columns, plates etc. that are joined together in different ways. Timber construction is not a homogenous mass (as concrete for example). This point causes many specifics for the planning process from very early beginning to the realisation of the building. BIM can be very helpful tool in this process. BIM is not only a 3D planning that serves for generating of 2D drawings and visualisations. It offers many possibilities of use of data generated from the model. This contribution shows possible ways of BIM utilisation mainly for a specific type of timber construction – CLT/ Cross laminated timber. It deals also with various possibilities of application of BIM (not only) for timber architecture in general. It looks for ways of use of BIM that are interesting, but that are not are not much applied.

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