Výstava ateliérových prací

Slavonický Komplex, oslava provinční kultury, vína a gastronomie s ubytováním

Bogdan Bogusław Jędrzejczak


The complex consists of a winery, restaurant, hotel rooms, and office space, surrounded by vineyards in Slavonice, near the Austrian border, in the Czech Republic. The project's main idea is to connect the human senses with all external stimuli, the environment, and the revival of a part of the city that has been forgotten. My proposal is a unique form of design, following the innovations of technology and functions meeting the provisions of building regulations, laws, and Living Building Challenge assumptions. It has a clean, modern, and attractive appearance, well-designed functions, and rooms. Due to the execution, location, and several other factors given in the work, it will become an essential point on the tourist and wine map of the county of Slavonice.

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