Feature 4/09 on Mäsiarska ulica in Košice and its collection of finds

Mgr. Maroš Volovár

This study is primarily focused on an analysis of a collection of finds from the 16th and 17th century which originate from a  single site. The collection, which consists mainly of ceramic and glass vessels, deserves individual attention on the grounds of the range and state of preservation of the artefacts. Only through the presentation of such collections as a  whole can we reach a  fuller understanding of the issues of the material culture of the early modern period. The study will also examine the possible interpretations of the site on which the artefacts were found and attempt to connect the findings obtained through analysis of the artefacts with existing information about the arrangement and ownership relationships of the site within the general context of the economic, political and religious situation in Košice in the period of the 17th century.

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