MoleMOD: On design specification and applications of a self-reconfigurable constructional robotic system

doc. Ing. arch. Miloš Florián, Ph.D., Ing. arch. Jan Petrš

The paper explores the use of in-house developed self-reconfigurable modular robotic system in civil construction activities and investigates a concept where an arbitrary Civil Engineering structure or a daily use industrial product are self-assembled from a number of self-reconfigurable composite blocks. The system extends current range of modular robot systems (mDrs) where autonomous modules self-assemble into a wide variety of forms. However, contrary to conventional mDrs, MoleMOD has not mechatronic actuating parts permanently fixed to each individual module. The MoleMOD actuators are separable and operate inside the modules, tight them together or relocate them to required configuration. It significantly reduces number of expensive mechatronics parts and the environment the actuators operate. Although MoleMOD focuses on architecture, it can take over other mDrs tasks as research and rescue. This paper describes properties, advantages, foreseen applications, and basic design specifications of the second generation prototype.

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