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The Spirit of Socialism and Czech Post-war Architecture in the Shadow of Preconceptions

prof. Ing. arch. Petr Vorlík, Ph.D.

There has been an explosion of interest in the architecture of the sixties and seventies among the professional community in the Czech Republic. Dozens of books have been published in recent years charting the subject from various angles – ranging from in-depth monographs devoted to individual structures, biographic profiles and interviews with figures who were witnesses to the architecture of that time, to general overviews of the period in question.1 Rich and multifaceted tales of a complicated era in national history, and one that continues to be shadowed by prejudices, are gradually being uncovered. The everyday reality of the conservation, appropriate re-use, renovation and conversion of the architecture from that era is, however, still hobbling well behind theory. How should we go about conserving the material evidence of that era and stripping it of the layers of negative associations with the state-socialist regime and the atmosphere of life in a country with a totalitarian regime? What symbolic values, historical experience, and potential can we draw on?

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