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Membranes: Design Considerations and Potentials

prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

The current essay is the result following the invitation to act as speaker at the First International Membrane Conference (1. Mezinárodní Membránová Konference) which took place at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague, 23.11.2012. My background is in Computer Aided Architectural Design, Design Methodology, and Design Theory – so I am by no means an expert in membrane constructions. The work presented in this essay is basically my first attempt at understanding membrane constructions without any substantial knowledge about rules, materials, and processes. As my technological knowledge of membranes is very low, it may occur more than once that there will be mistakes in this text about membranes. My perspective is informed from my interest how membranes can be used in a creative and imaginative way while ignoring (through ignorance) the actual technical basics of membrane structures. This essay therefore comes with a disclaimer, much in the spirit of the liar’s paradox: „this essay is not true.“ The text should be taken as my lay-persons‘ impression of a complex, multi-facetted, and inspiring material and technology. All of the sources that I have used for this essay are taken from the Internet. Drawing sources exclusively from the Internet is not a legitimate way of doing research: it introduces a severe, non-representative, uncontrollable bias towards material that is available on Internet only. Therefore the overview presented here in no way should be considered comprehensive or complete. Nevertheless, I have done my utmost to obtain a wide perspective on membranes. Hopefully the following text will provide some new ideas or information about membranes. I have to thank the conference organisers that they considered to include the presentation in the conference schedule and this essay in the proceedings of the conference.

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