Design of an Experimental Arch Pedestrian Bridge Made of UHPC

doc. MgA. Ondřej Císler, Ph.D.

This paper presents the design of an experimental arch pedestrian bridge made of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC). The structure is designed as a permanent single-span bridge. The span of the bridge structure is 10.00 m, the total width of shell structure is 0.03 m, and the clearance width of the bridge is 1.50 m. The main structure of the bridge is one prefabricated arch shell structure made of UHPC with dispersed steel fibers without conventional reinforcement. Simultaneously with the designing of the bridge, computer analyses were created in which optimization of the material and geometric parameters of the structure were carried out. The presentation on the conference will contain also production and assembly of the pedestrian bridge. The presentation will include also long-term monitoring of the specimen of the shell structure in 1:1 scale and finally experimentally obtained load bearing capacity of the specimen. Production and testing of the bridge is scheduled for July 2016.

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