Loop: The Environmental Summer Pavilion 2

Ing. arch. Šimon Prokop

This interdisciplinary project involves the team work of the students from the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the TUL in Liberec and the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences at the CZU in Prague under the leadership of Marie Davidová (FA CTU in Prague / Collaborative Collective), Šimon Prokop (Collaborative Collective) and Martin Kloda (Archwerk). It is the continuation of the project pareSITE: The Environmental Summer Pavilion published here a year ago. Its goal is to evolve the performance of solid pine wood. PareSITE was absorbing the moisture of humid air during the night while evaporating it during hot summer days. The panelling was supporting the performance by its warping – increasing the humid air circulation. This year project took the concept further. The panelling was organised spatially and left and right side of the panels in tangential section was combined. Thanks to this as well as the shape of the structure, the pavilion performed much better.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten