Výstava ateliérových prací

polyfunkční dům v Otakarově ulici

Tamar Benashvili


The land plot is located in Nusle, at the junction of the streets Otakarova and Na Zámecké. The plot is situated adjacent to the railway, which can be considered as a negative point of the location. However, the block is very close to public transport stops and facing the main street, which makes it suitable for multifunctional use, including commercial, and offices. The new proposal tries to find a logical development of the urban block in terms of building outlines. The new building contours follow the pre-defined lines of the urban tissue and respect the neeneed of distance between the new and existing house on the land plot. The volume which is meant to be located right in front of the existing house, will be lower to maximize the dailight accessibility for the residents.

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