Výstava ateliérových prací

Praha-Malešice: Urbanistický rozvoj okolo železnice

Ola Jin Nymoen, Yashashree Ananth Kumar


In our vision, we see Malesice become a place that functions as a secondary city center for local residents, transitioning people, and most importantly workers from the logistics-industrial sector present in close vicinity. A place in which should incorporate a cohesive infrastructural connection, with transportation nodes and refined green spaces while taking advantage of the existing qualities such as good connectivity to the city and potential revision of underdeveloped areas along the railway network. This further extends the city into the logistics-industrial sector providing a lively and distinctive community on the outskirts of Prague which aids the seamless flow of the public and its users.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: doc. Ing. arch. Veronika Šindlerová, Ph.D.