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Do (not) sketch into my sketch A Comparison of Existing Tools

Ing. arch. Kateřina Nováková, Ph.D., prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

Various computer-aided sketch tools can be used to support architectural designing (Tang, Lee, Gero, 2010) either individually in early stage of the process or in communication. We focus on the second mentioned. The goal of this paper is to give an overview of possible applications and mention the platforms which are supported. We explore the advantages or disadvantages of the tools and compare it with our newly developed application called ColLab sketch. With this application we hope in increasing speed and ease of graphic communication on one hand and testing architects demands on the other hand. We develop multiple criteria for evaluating the tools, while believing this paper could be of use to give a hint how to improve remote as well as co-located collaborative designing by sketch. Architectural designing is a very sensitive topic when it comes to sketching. Finally, we would like to compare the newly developed tool to this list and suggest improvements or experiments that help its finalizing.

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