S ohledem na nové vládní opatření bude veškerá KONTAKTNÍ výuka na FA ČVUT, včetně ateliérů, dílen atp., od 12. do 25. 10. 2020 přerušena.


CAAD Restarted: Some Experiences in Improvement of CAAD Education

Ing. arch. Dana Matějovská, Ph.D., prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

In our faculty a new CAAD group has been started recently after a period of virtual non-existence of CAAD education. The responsibility of the group is twofold: to provide students with a basic competence in CAAD, and to develop a high standard of experimental studio work combined with research. In our philosophy, we aim to reach the first goal by giving a wide offer of basic skills teaching in many different CAAD softwares. Building on that, we offer more specialised classes for advanced modelling and integrate skills with design work in the design studio. Due to limited means, and a small staff, we have to develop this program step by step.

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