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Structural Engineering in Architectural Studies at CTU Prague

Ing. Markéta Vavrušková, doc. Dr. Ing. Martin Pospíšil, Ph.D.

The study summarizes current situation in educating Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). The main objective of the study is to assess a newly introduced pilot course of Visual Statics at CTU. Methods: Applied research (comparison, observation, analysis). Results: The course was offered in 2014/2015 as a voluntary supplement to a current block of Structural Engineering. Students praised its innova-tive “laboratory experiment“ setting and the illustrative interactive design. Feedback (stu-dents’comments, dealing with practical situations) was used for fine-tuning and the seminar is going to be offered on regular bases. Conclusions: Student-centered instructional and construc-tivist approach seems to be more appropriate for architectural students then traditional teacher-centered instructional approach. By interactive manipulations with the model under the guid-ance of teachers, students can improve their critical thinking and understanding of the structure.

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