S ohledem na nové vládní opatření bude veškerá KONTAKTNÍ výuka na FA ČVUT, včetně ateliérů, dílen atp., od 12. do 25. 10. 2020 přerušena.



Why is now in the Czech Republic still building so called “sick buildings”? One of the reasons can be that clients and architects in the Czech Republic aren't informed about the impact of physical environment and architecture on human health, although making of healthy environment is now one of the sustainable trends in world architecture. Health, well-being and life in harmony with nature are now one of the most important personal and social values! And because of people spend about 90% of their time in buildings, which undoubtedly affect their physical and psychological health, architects could be very important persons in the process of making healthy buildings today. When students of architecture know about the impact of physical environment on human health, they can become informed architects. And informed architects mean more healthy buildings.

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