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Krásna konštrukcia v krajine. Nový most (pôvodne most SNP) v Bratislave

prof. Ing. arch. Matúš Dulla, DrSc.

There is a Slovak parallel to the confident and harmonious introduction of a work of technology into the landscape like Ještěd TV Tower and Hotel. That parallel is the second Bratislava bridge across the Danube built in 1973. The bridge spans the river at the point where the Carpathians transition into the Danubian Lowland. Its asymmetrical pylon forms a counterpoint to the castle's peak. It became a junction connecting the centre of town and the right-bank neighbourhood Petržalka, but on the left bank the historical neighbourhood was sacrificed to the bridge's visionary architecture. The bridge floor is suspended by a system of cables onto the oblique structure of the support pylon, which looks like the letter 'A', and there is a disc-shaped café at the very top of the structure..This functional bridge is still regarded as 'new', not at all as a monument. The discussions about according it conservation status since it was nominated in 2008 resemble

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