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Architekt Emil Belluš a jeho stavby ako pamiatky.

prof. Ing. arch. Matúš Dulla, DrSc.

The year 2009 marks the 110th anniversary Emil Belluš - the founders of modern architecture in Slovakia. His work has been constantly inspiring due to its balance of tradition and progress. Besides seemingly objective values - architectural constructions - it consists of intellectual heritage; its value and meaning depends on contemporary conditions. There are many shades between overall forgetting and formation of myths and legends. Even seemingly permanent value of preserved constructions is not a permanent certainty: they are liable to changes and use to fade away. What is a relation between being aware of the important architect's legacy and being aware of the value of his constructions protected as monuments? In what way those constructions have been preserved? What have threatened them in connection with renovation and recent innovations that are common in contemporary architecture, but were not known in the past?

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