Glass micro-bubbles as additional thermal insulation/shielding for translucent and non-transparent materials

doc. Ing. Daniela Bošová, Ph.D., Ing. Lenka Prokopová, Ph.D., Ing. arch. František Novotný

Our research is based on innovative use of the hollow glass micro-spherical material "Glass micro-bubbles" 3MTM. We apply this material like a thin-layer additional thermal insulation/shielding for polycarbonate and steel matrices. 3 identical cargo container units with polycarbonate roof skylight are used for the research: A - without application, B - with inner application of Glass micro-bubble coating and C - with outside application of Glass micro-bubble coating. Observed parameters are translucence of daylight through layer of micro-glass bubbles on the skylight, the indoor temperature and humidity and the surface temperature of the outer and inner shell are measured.

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