Výstava ateliérových prací

Bleisure Hub Prague

Yashashree Ananth Kumar


Urban Hubs cater for so-called Bleisure (Business-Leisure) travellers. These are business travellers who extend their work trip with leisure, relax, and tourism recreational activities. A space where the traveller has a space for work and but with accommodations and quality leisure facilities. An Bleisure Hub on the site that also adds urban value to the crossing of Legerova, Vinohradska and Spanelska and the surrounding context. The resolution for the project deals with complex which houses various functions such as business incubators, informal c0- working area, cafes, restaurants and lastly the hotel with it's axillary facilities. The unique placement of the site gives way for a network of urban plaza which later leads to various interior spaces.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten