Závěrečné práce

Quarter at Holešovice train station

Benashvili Tamar

Architektura a urbanismus, Magisterská diplomová práce


The project aims to solve multifunctional buildings close to the train station as outlined on the winning masterplan of Holesovice-Bubny development. The design proposal, in addition to designs of the actual buildings, suggests some urbanistic adjustments to the master plan for that particular area. The buildings within the defined scope are multifunctional, however, the majority of spaces are occupied with offices. Therefore, a big part of the research was dedicated to understanding how modern-day office spaces work. The proposal includes design for four buildings as outlined in the masterplan. Due to the changing nature of the workspaces, as practice shows, the variety of workspace types work the best. Therefore, we suggest to create all sorts of work spaces on floor plans, hence giving the end user possibility to choose the right place depending on the task they are having at hand. The types of workspaces used in the design are: Open plan workstations Collaboration areas (for group discussion and brainstorming) closed meeting rooms informal meeting spaces closed group workrooms focus rooms open plan focus work furniture The leisure facilities are increasingly important for work satisfaction of the employees. therefore, we design relax spaces and kitchens.

Za obsah této stránky zodpovídá: Ing. arch. Kateřina Rottová, Ph.D.