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Ateliér Hanson


Tasting Slavonice: Winery, Vineyard and Restaurant

Slavonice is a small, historic town surrounded by a beautiful rural landscape. The deep and rich historic past provides the residents with a strong sense of identity and visitors a memorable and a bright future.  located in South central Czech Republic.

The Winery

Wine is emblematic of places throughout Europe and the world; giving Bordeaux, Port and Champagne identity through the name and the taste of the wine we enjoy. Although Czech Republic is not well known globally for wine (in part because of the remarkable beer produced). However, high quality wine has been and is being produced in Cech Republic. The proposed winery will be based on the practices of a small family owned vineyard and seek to embody the character of Slavonice. We will have an extensive visit to the Špalek winery in Nový Šaldorf Sedlešovice to learn about their wine production. Generally, the architectural program for the winery will include all phases of the gravity production of wine, bottling and sales. The architecture of the facility shall follow the principles of the Living Building Challenge.

The Vineyard and Gardens

Slavonice has been severely impacted by collective agricultural practices of the second half of the 20th century and subsequent corporate agriculture. The vineyard shall transform approximately 15 ha of land into a unique vineyard landscape character of small scale, local production. Included in this agricultural landscape is the production of local food to serve the restaurant component of the architectural program. The site of the land includes southern facing land immediately adjacent to the town within easy walking distance to the town. Approximately 12-15 ha shall be dedicated to vineyard and approximately 1-3 ha shall be dedicated to food production.

The Restaurant

The tasting of locally produced food is paired with wine in a restaurant that shall provide visitors to the vineyard to prepare and enjoy the flavors of the local landscape. The restaurant shall seat approximately 20 guests and include group food preparation and cooking as part of their visit. There shall be interior and exterior facilities for food preparation and consumption. The restaurant menu shall focus primarily on locally produced ingredients, particularly grown on site; therefore, the menu shall change with the seasons.


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