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Public Privacies, Preface to Czech Architectural Year Book 2001/2002

prof. Ing. arch. Michal Kohout

The article contains an analysis of the present state Czech architecture, which, as well as the whole society, is waking up and slowly searching for answers. Those who after November 1989 expected a fast development similar to the post 1918 Czechoslovak Republic or to post-Franco Spain, when political changes and accompanying opportunities started a real upswing, in the sense of architectural quality, must have been disappointed. There was a lack of educated and experienced architects and office staff, a sophisticated clientele and a skilfully defined public interest. Economic power was unproductive and the construction industry was clumsy. Thus, the only hopeful factor - a huge need for new space and infrastructure – led to counterproductive results in terms of quality. That historical opportunity was wasted, and the persistence of decisions which were unprofessionally made will continue to affect the appearance of our towns and landscape for a long time.

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