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From Interactivity Towards Ambience Through a Bottle-brick

Ing. arch. Kateřina Sýsová, Ph.D., prof. Dr. Henri Hubertus Achten

According to the dictionary ambient architecture should be kind of object or space that relies to its surrounding or spontaneously reacts on the presence of human. Ambient architecture can also be musically expressed [1] or painted [2]. We developed special architectural building units that offer space for incorporation of intelligence and media for human interaction and for ambience. We are introducing an object called PET(ch)air made of PET(b)rick [3], a hollow transparent bottle-brick. The first intention was to generate new building unit from recycled PET material. Now that we observe its qualities, we can see it is well prepared for ambient intelligence application, especially in combination with light. For the purpose of a brick we are transforming old recycled plastic into new bottle-bricks. Using the bottle-brick as building unit we build interior objects that are ready to turn spaces into ambient rooms, places that can be customized by their visitors or spontaneously react on them. Together with this, we opened a design studio, where students were asked to develop ambient interior pieces for a special event using the method of learning by doing.

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